Nothingness by Multiculturalism

Hell is a sad place of nothingness. Nothingness, but awareness of that nothingness. Not everybody are able to create their way out of that nothingness. But it is very easy to create to road that leads there. And when deluded enough, it also seems rather easy to create it while actually imagining oneself to create the opposite of nothingness. And so it goes. With societies, with cultures and subbacultures, with illnesses and “health”, with schools and also with this misunderstood idea of unity, as in multiculturalism. One has to ‘over’stand what unity is, and not understand the concept. Unity is not sameness. Unity is not uniform. Actually it is not related to oneness at all. It relates to agreement and cooperation, not sameness. If everything is the same, than unity will not be a concept, because there will be no need and no demand for unification !! What no one ever needs, will not be requested and probably never really thought of. Are we demanding that more human should be born with 3 or 4 legs ?? We can imagine it, but are we requesting it. Are we demanding it to be part of our Unity. No, we are not. For the idea of unity to be requested and demanded, there must be diversity in the first place. Sameness never demands unity ! Dammit 🙂

Wholeness is as united as oneness, but wholeness can never be achieved by reductionism. Wholeness is a product of expanding yourself, your under- and overstanding etc..

The shortest path to oneness, is just to get rid of everything that does not fit into the framework. To cut of the tails of a normal distribution, instead of overstanding that the tails are a bi-product of a framework that doesn’t fit. A set of rules that simply doesn’t work !.

It lies easy for Man to take the shortest path. It lies even easier for the narcissistic and/or psychopathic person to do such. Because they never make wrong and bad decisions or at least never admit (human) ‘errors’ like that. My operative system works perfectly ! And since they are perfect, the framework that they have created must also be perfect, since it is a deduction from perfectness.(Sarcasm).

So the Utopia they are trying to create (the ideologists and not the business fascists. The latter give a fuck as long as it is ‘business as usual’ and their bank accounts keep growing) becomes Hell. It will be a Hell because they try to unite everyone by reducing diversity. Their idea of Unify ! is to chop off the outliers. Drug them away. Send them to war. Have them plant a bomb. Force them to buy cheap pesticieded GMO based food. Self-sterilize. Reductionism. And somehow managing to brand and market that virus as diversity ? Amazing !



We have 2 cultures. Called A and B. It might as well be 2 different pupils starting school. A is the opposite of B. B is A’s opposite personality and vice versa. What A likes, B dislikes and so on. We might also think of A and B as two different cultures, religions etc..

The ring is the framework. It is for instance the current school system. What the pupils have to learn and what they are offered to learn. How the pupils are supposed to behave and so forth. This ring is made by (perfect) narcissistic politicians and pretentious ‘scientists’. (Exaggerating their traits for illustrative purpose and to bash their ego a bit 😉 ).

Being a perfect ring/system, something must be wrong with both pupil A and B (the ‘perfect’ framework is too small for their personalities). We can make it fit one of them, and just chop off the other one. Label the other one AD(H)D, give the kid some drugs and claim that the kid is the problem and not the system. Sure.. Perfect system. The kids symptoms are never allowed to be considered a side effect of a non-working system. A negative feedback that should be taken seriously and possibly used to improve the real cause. A systemic bad root. To broaden the ring.

We can chop off the extreme edges of both kids. Such a strategy will make them fit the ring, instead of the ring fit the people it was supposed to be built for. Persuade the children to behave. Use incentives to make them come closer to each other. As seen in the line 2 above. Voila. The ring fits them both.

But these incentives and extra work costs money. Some neo-cons have the perfect solution for this problem. Neo-cons always have the ‘perfect’ economic solutions. Funny how they never seem to be hurt by all those ‘necessary improvements’. Let us centralize. It will save us a lot money. Decrease the costs. If we squeeze these kids even further together, we will even achieve more diversity.. Look at all the triangles that surges, when we force them together to fit into the smaller ring of fire.. ! So we end up in line 3. Labeling it ‘multiculturalism’ and we claim it is diversification and fantastic.. It so fantastic that we can even reduce the ‘ring’/admin costs and claim that we are progressing..

It is really hard to continue to comment that thought process, but I shall try:

IT’S THE SAME FUCKING CAKE ! It has just been cut into more pieces. At first. Because it never ever stays the same ring. If there are centralization opportunities, you can be they will be abused.. So the ring C, the ring of ‘Utopia’. The ring of possibilities has been utterly reduced compared to the ring B. It goes towards Nothingsness ! (How do I reach these keeeedz !). There is nothing wrong to slice a given cake into more equal parts ( the economy), in fact I would recommend it, but it is not a creation in itself. It is simply a more fair and viable form of redistribution. Fine enough when no reduction of the framework takes place. But that is sadly not the typical hidden agenda and end station.

If God were to build a universe by the same type of logic and idea of oneness, he would be back to where he started. Actually, he would never even had been bothered to start in the first place. THINK ! For God’s sake, literally shouting via my keys.. So if there are scientists out there who believe in the simulation hypothesis (Nick Bostroem), they should really  consider my illustated scenario hard and deeply. It is very visible today where things must have gone wrong in the previous “simulations”. And yet again, one more time, during one probable final attempt, the pretentious narcissists and the deluded psychotics that run the show, are repeating the same madness. For fuck sake.. Every once in a while. Take a break. Observe. And ask yourself. Does it work !!??

We normal people know that you can take a break and inspect the results. It only took you a couple of thousands wars, to realize that war is not the solution to overpopulation, public debt and more. Well.. Gotta look at the positive sides.. At least they have now been trying something new, even though we are hardly very impressed by the new ideas. Vaccines, GMO, pollution, conflict creation.. But yeah, it is at least a kind of change of the old problem fixing system.

(I am not saying that each and every improvement initiative and attempt that the involved persons choose to initiate, is stupid. But some ideas are  actually pretty horrendously stupid, if the plan and agenda ever truly was to create a better world)



Above the line  (in the picture), we witness Reductionism. Or Destruction, which is the core of it. In a world where good has become bad, Satan rules and claim he is God.. So do the multiculturalists and I personally do not believe that the players are necessarily even aware of this fact. If they are aware of the consequenses of their acts and ideas, they do qualify for the diagnosis of psychopathy. If they are unaware, they would be more on the psychotic spectrum. Which one do you prefer ? It goes without saying that in the inverted reality Heaven must be Hell. As illustrated in the drawing.


Under the line we see Creation. By broading the ring, the framework, we make room for more pupils, for more cultures, for more countries and diversity between the countries, for more indian tribes (if there are any left of them) and other rather ancient cultures, for more eccentric people out in the streets, for more people contributing with their ideas about what should and should not be done.

In the latter one, there is true diversity. And this is why and how the sky above us have more stars than one.


When you try to squeeze everyone into a box that is too small, the ends will squeeze out. At first we call that distribution for “Normal” and then we get tired of the outliers and chop them off. Sterilize them. But it ain’t over there. The box has been reduced many times, and the outliers are even today being persecuted. Despite the fact that back in the days, a few thousand years back, they would probably been considered normal.

To be honest, every fucking famous person from the religious scripts that people today consider their book of life. Their guiding star. These protagonists from those scripts, they would each and everyone have been diagnosed with some type of mental disorder, if the stories were played out today. Maybe not Pilatus and Herodes. They would possibly have escaped the box of mental disorders, since they were psychopaths. And psychopathy seems to be considered sanity these days.

An illustration of the “normalizing” process can be seen illustrated here.



Flat Earth

When materialism goes up and spirituality goes down, the Earth goes towards 1 dimension. 1D. It flattens out. 0d, zero dimensional is the Monad: